About the company:

The RENOLIT Group is a leading global specialist for high-quality films, sheets and other plastic products. With more than thirty production sites and sales entities in over twenty countries, and with annual sales of around € 1 billion, the company is one of the world’s leading plastic product manufacturers. Today more than 4,700 employees continue to further develop the knowledge and expertise gained from over seventy years of business.

The RENOLIT brand today stands for technical excellence, modern design and a partnership-based service. RENOLIT products enhance surfaces, protect, stabilise and offer many other additional benefits. Always developed with our customer requirements in mind and manufactured to the highest quality, our products can often make a vital difference.

In the construction sector they give creative freedom to architects and developers in designing outdoor installations, roofs, canopies, window frames, and façades.

Within the Glass & Glazing Industry, our range of RENOLIT EXOFOL exterior films have created a colour revolution for uPVC windows, doors, soffits, façades and garage doors, influencing the aesthetic design of new build and home renovation projects for both domestic housing and industrial commercial buildings.

Why vote for you:

RENOLIT signifies colour choice within the uPVC window market. We are the original inventor and market leader of exterior grade films with more than thirty years’ experience. Because of this it is most likely that you have laminated, fabricated or installed a colour or woodgrain window profile that has a RENOLIT film and as a result will have used one of our products.

During the last twenty years installations of foiled windows have risen from a few percent when only a couple of designs such as Mahogany and Golden Oak were available up to now where, for some organisations, over 50% of their uPVC windows are foiled. Maximising your margins, supporting product differentiation and increasing consumer satisfaction.

This has been made possible due to the continuous investment in design and technical development that is at the very heart of RENOLIT’s business. New decors are created specifically to enhance window styles, enhanced by the introduction of increasingly realistic emboss surface textures. New colours are conceptualised by the company’s Colour Road trending team who look at global colour trends so we remain at the forefront of customer taste.

The exterior stock range now boasts nearly 100 different woodgrain designs, structured surfaces and solid colours. All of which are fully tested and launched to be available ex-stock. Now offered in three different grades proven to meet the weatherabity requirements of most global climatic zones. Service to our customers is always a top priority.

For these reasons we are asking you to help us achieve recognition for our longstanding relationships within this market and vote for us at the Fenestration Industry Awards – Colour Specialist section.



Website: https://www.renolit.com/exterior/en/

Phone: 01670 718222

Email: janette.rowland@renolit.com

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