About the company:

Established over 40 years ago, Roseview started manufacturing uPVC sash windows in 1985. That made us the first company in the UK – and the world – to do so. When it comes to sash windows, there’s not a lot we haven’t seen and done.

Sash windows are a traditional product, and it would be tempting to think of Roseview as a traditional company. But we’re not. We’ve taken sash windows and continually developed them. In doing so we’ve pushed the market forward and transformed sash windows from niche to mainstream.

We were the first company to build sash windows from more than one systems company’s profile. We were the first to achieve Secured by Design status on realistically sized sash windows, not just showroom samples. In 2010 – eight years ago – we developed our own run-through horn system in-house – not a wrap-around cap version that others have followed with, but a true seamless timber-style horn. And then we did the same thing with fully mechanical joints on sash windows. Again, others followed suit. Most recently we’ve developed our own unique 35mm midrail profile that’s far slimmer and more authentic than anything else on the market. Nobody else has managed to copy that yet.

So while Roseview concentrates on manufacturing the best possible traditional sash windows, we’re far from being a traditional company.

Why vote for you:

At Roseview it’s all about two things: great sash windows backed up by great customer service.

Our windows speak for themselves. We’re well known for manufacturing stunning uPVC sash windows for a fair price. Starting with the most authentic profiles and highest quality components, we design, innovate and enhance every aspect to make the best windows we possibly can. The result is The Rose Collection – a suite of three sash windows that cover every style, project and budget.

Just as importantly, our windows are backed up by the very best customer service we can offer. Our windows are available to every installer, but we understand that they’re not windows everyone fits all the time. So we do everything we can to make the entire process – selling, quoting, ordering and installing – simple, flexible and hassle-free. From marketing support at the start of the process to technical backup at the end, we work with you, to your schedules. We want you to sell high profit sash windows jobs that you can be proud of, and we do everything we can to make that happen.

That’s why we think we deserve your vote.


Website: http://www.roseview.co.uk

Phone: 01234 712657

Email: trade@roseview.co.uk

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