About Sam Kay:

I started working at K Glazing Ltd in September 2009 ( Age 18)  after completing my A levels and deferring a scholarship to Northumbria University for 1 year. We had 3 staff, myself, My Father and my Mother. I also attended Leeds Building College on a Bricklaying apprenticeship scheme with the intention of me being able to help on conservatory bases/general brickwork/lintels and gaining an insight in the Construction Industry. Over the years I had worked part time at the company cutting spacer bars for the units, the odd cutting of glass, assisting Installers on site. I became Managing Director of K Glazing Ltd in May 2010 sadly under unfortunate circumstances with the passing of my father from Cancer. I decided to continue the study of my building NVQ to ensure I kept up the knowledge I was gaining so far. I had to adjust my role and knew my knowledge had to improve to ensure we had the work. I regularly read the magazines you receive ( Windows Active, Glass times etc) and familiarised myself with our suppliers details such as profile charts, supply dates, ways of selling the product.

I made a lot of mistakes as we all do, but I also made sure I learnt from them. I went to college on a Monday 8-7.30 then worked the rest of the week. I decided to offer weekend and evening appointments so I could work around the daily jobs I had ( booking installation dates, survey dates, serving customers, meetings with suppliers etc) around not only my appointments but also the consumers daily routine.

I’m now 25, we have 8 staff myself and my mother and a sister company Leeds Window Centre Ltd, Manufacturing Rehau Windows & Doors. My daily job involves the first point of contact with the customer, it’s a role I really enjoy, seeing all different customers and speaking about the products I enjoy selling. I don’t think anyone can sell your company better then yourself and it adds a personal feel to the overall experience of dealing with a company that the director is approachable and helpful wherever possible.  I oversee the other parts of the company, making sure customers are happy, doing a follow up call after an installation, speaking with suppliers, dealing with any issues that arise, approaching potential new customers.

Although a lot of this is centred around me, I have had some very good suppliers and staff that have helped me along the way. It’s always helpful to be surrounded by good people who are good at their job. I was never judged by my age, they treated me as a customer but also advised and helped where required, I felt they went beyond their role as a supplier/sales representative

A special shout out to:

Mark Catchpole and all the staff at SWC Trade Frames

Dave Wray and All the staff at Pilkingtons Bradford

Richard Green and all the staff at Glasssolutions Bradford

Tony Palmer from Edgetech

Steve Rossell from DGS ( Now Rehau)

All K Glazing staff past and present.

My Mum ( who does a great job in the accounts and keeps my head straight lol! )

Why vote for Sam Kay:

It’s always difficult to talk about yourself. I think you should vote for me as I hope my story will inspire others who may be in a difficult situation. This a great industry surrounded by a lot of great people.

Kind Regards,

Sam Kay

Managing Director

K Glazing Ltd


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