About Tej Naik:

Tej Naik is a Commercial Estimator at Unique Window Systems, working with contractors and architects to prepare quotes and process orders for a range of different building developments across Britain.

Why vote for Tej:

At a relatively young age for the industry, Tej Naik has developed into an experienced aluminium estimator, regularly playing a key role in orders excess of £1 million for Unique Window Systems.

Working in Unique’s fast-paced and highly successful commercial division, Tej has had to learn the complex nature of the fenestration industry fast and has excelled.

Tej works with the biggest contractors and house-builders in the construction industry on a day-to-day basis and is trusted with an immense amount of responsibility. His meticulous and conscientious approach to his work has allowed him to build great relationships with some of Unique’s biggest customers.


Website: https://www.uws.co.uk

Phone: 0116 236 4656

Email: sales@uws.co.uk

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