The Residence Collection have pulled together the top five colours that are upcoming big trends, and how to incorporate them into the home.

This year brings many things with it, including new interior styles and colour schemes. From warm neutrals to bold pinks and reds:

1. Magenta
Paint company Pantone has chosen Viva Magenta as their colour of the year 2023 – a bright bold pink shade that’s sure to capture attention. You can expect to see a lot of this colour in homes this year, from pops of colour introduced in soft furnishings, curtains or decorative items, to statement walls, furniture pieces or fully painted rooms.

2. Red-Oranges
Another bold colour palette that’s set to pop are shades of red-orange, especially since Benjamin Moore announced its colour of the year, a Raspberry Blush, a fiery red-orange. Many consumers are looking for more expressive, bold pops of colour to take over after neutrals have taken centre stage in previous years, and warm pops of red and orange are sure to do just that. Similar to magenta, introducing the colour in accents such as cushions, curtains, throws is a great way to introduce the colour to a home, or you can go all out with statement walls.

3. Warm neutrals

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Despite bold colours predicted to take over, it doesn’t mean the reign of neutrals is over. This year we will see the resurgence of warm neutrals, as opposed to cooler shades seen in previous years, with earthy, warm tones reminiscent of nature and the natural world taking centre stage. Warm neutrals create a super cosy and inviting space, and include warm browns and creams, see our Forest Collection or Bronze and Vintage cream shades. The beauty of neutral colours is their versatility, so from wall colours, to furniture and with the Residence Collection your windows too, it’s easy to incorporate this style into homes.

4. Warm yellows
Yellow is a warming and cosy colour, so it’s no surprise that we expect to see it pop up in homes even more. Yellow comes in a variety of different shades, and it’s the warmer-toned hues that are expected to surge in popularity. Yellows help make a space seem warmer and cosier, such as our Cotswold Biscuit shade, and we predict many people moving away from cooler tones to these warmer hues.

5. Cool Greens
Green has been a popular interior shade in recent years, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. While warm shades are set to surge in popularity, cool-toned, muted green shades are still the most popular green hues; think sage and blue-toned greens. These colours are a
great base for many homes, and lend themselves to popular interior styles such as Japandi or Biophilic homes, which are all about bringing the outside in and connecting to nature. Try our Cotswold Green, Sage or Painswick colours to match this trend.

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