The new Ublo system offers a truly exceptional concept for the natural ventilation of office and commercial space, but also living space.

Integrated directly into the window’s or façade’s insulating glass, the round ventilation module ensures efficient air circulation at all times and also offers numerous advantages in terms of air quality control and comfort. SWISSPACER’s integrated warm edge spacer bars contribute to the high energy efficiency of this innovation, which was developed in the Far East and is now also available in Europe.

Always fresh air inside – without having to open windows or doors: that is the idea behind the Ublo ventilation window developed by designers Robert-Jan van Santen and Naree Kim. The solution, originally developed in Hong Kong and South Korea, consists in simple terms of a round polycarbonate module with an opening of 150 millimetres.

This element is installed in the required number directly in the insulating glass with single, double or triple glazing that have been fitted with corresponding “holes”.

Depending on the requirements, the ventilation modules can be installed either in the top or bottom part of the insulating glass unit to ensure optimised air buoyancy and circulation in the room. The circular system thus ensures optimum air quality at all times in a very simple way.

Especially in rooms where windows cannot be opened – for example in high-rise buildings – the innovative concept has already been proven successful. This also shows another advantage: due to the small size of each Ublo opening, potential hazards of falling can be avoided and users can comfortably ventilate rooms also on upper floors. At the same time, the system minimises the risk of burglary, especially on the lower floors.

New options in terms of aesthetics and design freedom

The innovative Ublo system also offers new perspectives in terms of aesthetics. Viewed from the outside, the unique circular geometry expresses creativity and finesse and thus offers planners and architects new design potential. Another advantage is the round “cap”, which can be made transparent or in a variety of materials – for example wood, metal or cork. It is also possible to integrate decorative elements, digital print designs or additional features such as a Bluetooth speaker or a lighting element.

Energy-efficient construction with SWISSPACER spacer bars

Last but not least, the Ublo ventilation window makes a decisive contribution to optimising energy efficiency in buildings with its simple construction without classic window sash and complex fitting technology. SWISSPACER’s highly energy-efficient warm edge spacer bars also play an important role here.

In the search for a high-performance solution for the warm edge, SWISSPACER Ultimate was confirmed being a suitable product. Installed in the edge seal of the round insulating glass, the spacer, which can be easily bent, ensures improved energy performance of the overall construction. An all-round advantageous choice.

Great potential for the window industry in Europe

The Ublo concept is more relevant than ever, especially with the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the associated demand for efficient concepts for the natural ventilation of living space and workplaces.

“Currently and in future, we see great potential for our ventilation system also in Europe and are already in negotiations with different partners from the glass industry,” explains Naree KIM, Managing Director of Ublo. Complying with the EN 1279 is mandatory, and the tensile stress in the sealant must be checked for each application where glass is exposed to intense solar radiation.

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