Victorian Sliders

For most in this sector, the Coronavirus and its effects have made a big impact. In this edition we talk to Andy Jones, Managing Director at Victorian Sliders, to discuss how this has affected business for the company and its customers.

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The beginning of 2020 had seen a great start for Victorian Sliders, the company which exclusively extrudes, fabricates and delivers PVC-U vertical sliding windows to the trade. Despite the sudden impact from national Lockdown, the company still managed to achieve figures 18% higher in February this year than the same time in 2019.

“Lockdown gave us a period of time to evaluate the business as a whole with a focus on our core competencies. With an empty factory, it’s possible to look at what works well and also at what needs to change in order to future-proof Victorian Sliders. We have scrutinised every detail and subsequently made alterations which we believe will bring a positive result for our customers as well as the team.

This appraisal has been handled across the board at Victorian Sliders facilities, production methods, staffing levels and logistics.

Victorian Sliders has grown substantially over the years, but there were methods to production and the running of the business that needed altering. For example, we had run a 12-hour shift pattern over 4 days which was less productive than the alternative shifts we have introduced now, that will run over 5 days,” Andy commented.

Victorian Sliders

Over the last 5 years, there have been huge investments made worth over £12million, that provide Victorian Sliders with unique efficiencies in the sector. The purpose-built 240,000 square foot production facility is Europe’s largest specialist extrusion and fabrication plant.

The popularity of the ECOSlide vertical sliding sash window remains high with customers and end-users alike, who are looking to add a striking aesthetic and true value to both replacement projects and new build developments.

Andy continues, “We are completely unique as a supplier, with all of our supply chain completely integrated – from extrusion and fabrication to arch manufacturing, colour and hardware. This gives us optimum quality control and has made us the most cost-effective company in terms of output.

Our costs are cheaper as we have complete control over the manufacturing and the delivery of the product. We have the capability to provide a premium window product at the right price. As a result, this allows us to pass on substantial savings to our customers.”

Investments made to improve production at Victorian Sliders include no less than 9 fully automated Urban Quad-welders and corner cleaning lines; 6 high-speed extrusion lines and 3 state of the art Schirmer cutting and machining centres; IGU manufacturing capabilities that allow Victorian Sliders to supply toughened sealed glass units as standard as well as in- house profile bending and colour finishing. Hub facilities have opened across the country with 6 depots enabling faster deliveries to customers via the national HGV fleet.

Since the company was launched in 2005 in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, the thermal performance and timber-like aesthetic in windows has changed considerably. “As a cost-effective, efficient manufacturer, installers are able to gain cost-saving benefits not offered at such a price by other manufacturers. Despite proud Welsh roots, absolutely nothing is subsidised by the Welsh government as often muted by its competitors and for a single, bespoke product, the results have been exceptional,” Andy stated.

Looks Matter

Having worked hard on the research and design elements to ECOSlide it is now one of the most secure and energy-efficient vertical sliders on the market today….better still it suits every property type.

Whilst older homes were initially built with this traditional style of sliding sash window, they have frequently been replaced by casement windows that detract from the original architecture. Today many homeowners looking to replace 2nd or 3rd generation windows want to revert to the original look of the building they have purchased. It makes sense – it adds value. With the effects of Lock-down on the economy, homeowners will be looking at sensible and affordable options. ECOSlide PVC-U sash windows replicate all the character of an original vertical slider, but being thermally efficient and environmentally friendly they provide all modern benefits at an affordable price. All great advantages to installers.

“Customers repeatedly tell us about how satisfied homeowners are with their new sash windows. Due to the savings we can pass onto our customers, we are able to help them and the end-user where it counts – in their pockets. Often the additional cost of a vertical slider over a conventional casement window can be less than £100 giving the installer a huge opportunity to help satisfy the ever-growing demands of the consumer.

Installers really need to consider that today, an investment in windows is not simply about a need to just replace old windows. Homeowners see windows and doors as furniture where they can personalise their homes, add value and save on energy bills. Currently, people need positive things to plan into their lives; these are sexy commodities that end users can be really proud of and they make a very striking statement.

By looking at the bigger picture and changing their versatility, installers can gain huge adv