What an incredible Awards season this has been!  The industry has come together to focus on the merits of the great and the good, acknowledging through a fair voting system, the high standards that are now synonymous with the glazing sector.  New awards and new winners in the #NFAs this year has made it the most successful event since its launch five years ago!

This type of recognition is fast becoming a crucial part of many industries, from best social media campaign to the Oscars, BAFTAs and of course, the NFAs.

From an early age we are encouraged and taught to strive high, to become the best that we can be…from making a Christmas tree decoration at Primary School to champion swimmer and then beyond, to monthly sales targets and greater still, to becoming part of an innovative, award winning team.  We are born to be competitive and look to make high achievements and success stories within our peer group.  This is where the NFAs stand in a league of their own.

The NFAs give value and purpose to awards, highlighting the true meaning of peer recognition.

From a marketing perspective the NFAs naturally work and the idea of being part of them create opportunity.  Networks, corporations and agencies of course benefit by association, but the NFAs add a touch of real credibility in that we ALL feel we are contributing to the success of others and the industry.

These are smartly considered and valued, not as a superfluous extravagance but as a viable support to a marketing strategy that will help to further build a business and a brand.

The NFAs are a carefully considered platform that help to boost morale, build brand awareness and add credibility to a corporate profile.  These awards help to drive a business and demonstrate a willingness to be part of the industry as a whole – they reflect the corporate, competitive pursuit for success.

There are many advantages to these Awards that will help to highlight a business and its associated services including all associated parties.  Crediting customers, suppliers and team members is a notable key gesture made by all NFA winners with a focus on quality dominating the news feeds.

The NFAs are evidently helping to build stronger relationships for finalists with their customers and suppliers all boosted by association – selection and nomination means success for them as well.

Most NFA winners appreciate their accomplishments as well as all those who have been a part of their journey.

In terms of recognition, there is no greater accolade than third party acknowledgement, particularly as they have no vested interest in the process other than support for the nominee.

Award winning work tells the sector they are making a good choice by using a winner’s products or services.  Even by nomination, a company is classed as a winner – the industry has selected you!

Winning an NFA Accolade breeds confidence, which in itself is built on faith and a recognition by peers that a win is deserved.

Once anyone knows they are in a fair race, their state of mind is elevated.  Work and achievements can be celebrated.  Being acknowledged by this arena sends a powerful message that people believe in you.

For finalists, there is recognition.  For winners there is a feeling of  great accomplishment and deserved reward. Nomination and beyond tells everyone that you are capable of great things and are recognised as such.

The NFAs create an immense feeling of self-respect across all divisions of a company, in that every single nomination shows that the business and the people really matter.

Winning is a wonderful thing, but knowing also that you have been part of that whole process, as a contender creates a real excitement and gets a company noticed for all the right reasons.

Accolades such as this create conversations that last a long time after the announcement.  Being part of that discussion and creating positive change as contenders that strive for excellence, become part of a corporate identity.

NFA award winners will continue to grow – leaving their mark as they strive for more.  Well done to each and every nominee for the recognition and Congratulations! to the winners.

Helen Duval

December 2017