The aim of the National Fenestration Awards is simple. It is to allow people from the entire fenestration industry to choose who they feel believe deserves special recognition at the end of every year in a national event.

The National Fenestration Awards are 100% chosen by people of all positions and vocations within our industry.  There is no panel of judges, no adjudication process by vetting an application form and all nominations and votes have been cast by everyone in the industry.

No awards scheme of this kind exists within our industry presently voted for by people the people who work in it at all levels.

Many believe that there should be a truly independent awards scheme and the National Fenestration Awards has been created to put forward an event that EVERYONE in our industry is able to get involved with.  It is also hoped this will make a difference to how many not involved in our industry perceive it.

As well as creating an awards ceremony that everyone will want to be a part of, our other mission with this is to help grow the online fenestration community on social media. Through our experience over the last few years, we have found Twitter and other forms of social media, blogs and more to be the most useful B2B platform over others like Facebook and Google+. It’s the most efficient, straight to the point and engaging platform and we think it brings numerous benefits to both people and the industry overall.

The aim of the National Fenestration Awards is to get our wonderful industry energised into showing off the very best of our sector but more importantly to choose who they want, not from companies applying to a Panel.

It is a fact that many businesses focus on getting their name known, but an equal number that are successfull by staying more in the background.  The National Fenestration Awards wishes to reward those who work tirelessly day after day but who you may not have heard of or who don’t always get the mentions they deserve.

The National Fenestration Awards will only be a success if the industry takes a short amount of time to engage and to register with the website and vote. Please support these new awards created for everyone to reward the entire fenestration industry.