Apeer has improved the security of its Apeer-branded residential composite doors

Apeer has significantly improved the security across the entire range of its Apeer-branded residential composite doors, with the addition of steel reinforcement to the hinge stile together with strengthened aluminium mesh embedded in the core of every door that it manufactures at its Ballymena, County Antrim factory.

Included as part of the standard specification across the board and at no increased cost, the reinforcements will be screwed and bonded into the high-density polyurethane core of each hand-made door. The result is a composite door that offers the highest levels of thermal insulation and security, with no risk of water absorption.

Security increased with Apeer-branded residential composite doors

The decision to make the upgrade has been taken as part of an overall product review, within which it was decided to make the fundamental change simply for the purpose of increasing the competitive appeal of all Apeer composite doors, through performance enhancements and other improvements.

“The composite door market is highly competitive, and we want to continue making the gains in sales volumes and market share that we have enjoyed, especially in the last four years,” explained Asa McGillian, Apeer’s Managing Director.

He continued: “Homeowners have never been better informed and are now able not only to research every purchase that they may be considering but increasingly to understand the technical as well as aesthetic differences between products. When they compare Apeer doors with others, they will find our products compare very favourably with every other composite door on the market.”

Every Apeer door manufactured comfortably exceeds PAS24:2016.

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Apeer composite doors security upgrade
Security increased with Apeer-branded residential composite doors