Brisant Ultion 2 Star handle survives rigorous testing

Brisant’s Ultion 2 Star handle has been tested to 800,000 cycles in the EN 1906 test rig where its mechanical strength is tested, the door handle being opened and closed repeatedly. Whilst many handles aren’t even tested, the standard requirement is 100,000 cycles.

The 2 star handle smashed this target and lasted eight times longer than the minimum standard. Brisant’s design ethos is to develop products that do as much as possible, not as little as possible.

As well as looking great the curved form on the Ultion 2 Star handle also helps to repel the elements and burglars. It has six coatings of armour plating and lasted a year in the weather test chamber, when the test standard needs only 10 days. But what is the point in still looking great and stopping burglars if the mechanism isn’t that strong?

Steve Stewart, Founder and Ultion designer said, “Brisant creates product for customers who want better.

We are delighted that it lasted eight times longer than industry requirement. This test isn’t just about how many times or how many years a door handle can be operate, it’s a demonstration of the overall build quality. These handles will now look great for good and work for good!”

Brisant's Ultion Security Handle