For installers in the fenestration sector a customer relationship management (CRM) software system is now an essential for those looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Business Pilot has been developed by people in the sector over a number of years, all of whom understand the issues associated with staying on top of leads, referrals, invoicing and supplies.

CRMs greatly help any business to increase sales, drive forward growth and ensure that customers can feel reassured about the services they are being offered. While there are a great number of CRM systems available on the market, Business Pilot is the only one that has been developed by people within the sector who understand the whole chain from ordering to quoting through to supply pipelines and communication with each and every customer.

The platform has its own set of features and benefits that greatly helps with the day to day management of a business. Another huge advantage is how simple it is to use.  The Business Pilot system is also not just for those larger companies but has been created to simplify the administration for all sized businesses from SMEs to single traders.

For those working within a team, the Business Pilot CRM gives an excellent overall business analysis for managers with progression status on every project at any stage accessible to installation teams.  With an associated App, specifically developed for installers to be updated and to update information on projects as they progress.

For any single traders the platform includes simple methods to keep up to date on any project, at any particular time.  Pre-prepared, computer generated emails can be sent out directly to existing customers or potential new ones literally at the touch of a button. Communication is simplified with ‘notes’ that can be attached to a customer, number, project or order.

Another key advantage over other systems is the pipeline status progression which incorporates a stock management system that will ensure stock levels are maintained and computer generated reminders distributed to all relevant parties should stock drop to the pre-set level.  With unlimited storage, the data is analysed and organised with analytical tools, email marketing options and the ability to manage every project and lead.

Business Pilots software originated from the need to meet the demands of 21st century business.  It offers an excellent ROI (Return On Investment)

Knowing the priorities and goals of a business is simplified for installers, as it can help to clarify areas that may need improvement including strengthening customer service or expanding product lines. By identifying these it will then be easy to determine who will be using the system and at what level.

When looking to use a system such as Business Pilot it is important to create an ‘essential’ features list for a business, so that information gathered as well as business goals and timeline markers will all work consistently to really simplify business management.

Customer support features such as live chat on the app are important today for any business or real-time phone support which are available and will be crucial regarding any customer queries or should concerns arise by installers on the project.

While there are many CRM systems available the simplicity of the Business Pilot will ultimately greatly improve business and supplier relationships

As a collaborative CRM this platform provides an excellent connection with customers right through every department. It is ideal for SMEs or larger companies where sales, marketing and customer support need to be connected with real-time customer information.

Anyone nervous about using a digital platform can be reassured by how easy it is to  use and collect large amounts of customer data that will benefit any installation business. Business Pilot can take this a step further however, with analytics of customers buying behaviour, providing companies of all sizes the ability to create better and more relevant marketing to improve the overall customer experience.