CNC Recycling are delighted to have introduced a new paperless and digital waste transfer notes software system to support operational processes.

This substantial investment through bespoke development work with My Data Crate will be beneficial to both the environment and to our customers, who will now receive all their waste transfer notes electronically by email as soon as the collection or delivery has been made. This easy to use system streamlines the work for our drivers and also allows us to immediately capture all our live data with detailed reporting in our integrated system.

Graeme Wicks from My Data Crate said “We’ve been operating since the beginning of 2022, and we want our customers to grow with us and are excited to see companies like CNC Recycling adopting Crate. The team have already shown great enthusiasm in the platform and carried out some bespoke development, to make Crate run how they’d like it to, in order to match their operational processes. 

It’s been great working with the team to understand how we can help them increase efficiencies whilst reducing the use of paper in the business whilst keeping them compliant. 

We’re looking forward to building a platform and one day aim to be the recognised name in software for waste management. Working with companies like CNC Recycling show us that we’re on the path to doing so”

Operations and Logistics Director Richie Knaggs added “We are delighted with the introduction of digital waste transfer notes software . We estimate we will save 75-90% of our administration time, manually managing tickets, from manually writing them out, to copying the data to excel and creating digital records. The system also allows our drivers to log daily vehicle walk around checks using NFC technology.

We take our duty of care very seriously by being at the forefront of legislation and compliance. This investment will further reassure all our customers that they are covered with the correct environmental paperwork for their waste and are supported by a recycling specialist.”

For more information visit or telephone 01642 983188