Fenestration Digital is the industry’s most innovative way of getting your most important messages across.

They want to promote your brand, products, and latest news across the fenestration industry.

Unlike any other publication, Fenestration Digital is part of a family of brands, they pool their connections between themselves, The National Fenestration Awards and FENEX – Fenestrations Expo to maximize reach and impressions further than ever before.

All PR sent will feature almost immediately on their, fully news-focused website, optimised for web and desktop. The news will then be posted onto their social media platforms, generating interactions hourly. Around the last week of every month, the team publishes an online, fully digital magazine which includes adverts, videos, and news articles of all the news we received that month. 

This magazine is the first of its kind for this industry, designed specifically for digital media, it is much easier to read than printed media, turned digital. Not only that, but the magazine is also interactive, and lively and can incorporate many other digital assets including gifs and videos. 

Brand New Feature

Fen Dig news flash

As well as website exposure, social media posts and monthly magazine slots, Fenestration Digital have added a new feature to its offering – News Flashes!

News flashes are targeted email sends which will be released within 24 hours of them receiving your news. These new news flashes feature your news only, a headline ‘flash’ with a link to your story. Fenestration Digital uses the data at its disposal (event and voting data) to specifically target the right email addresses, ensuring a higher interaction and intention.

This new way of targeting the correct audience with the correct news was conceived in January of this year and put into beta testing straightway. With much higher opening and click-through rates, some reaching over double the construction industry average, the old-style newsletter gave way to the new ‘News Flashes’ in February. Since then, the current Fenestration Digital customers have been able to take advantage of this revolutionary service.

The news flashes and monthly magazine reminders are sent to over 15,000 matched and targeted email addresses!

Fenestration Digital can play host to a variety of advertising, sponsorship and promotional opportunities including: 

Monthly online interactive magazine Optimized for web and bringing all the industry news direct to the industry. The fully digital magazine is packed with the latest news stories, features, 

Fenestration Digital interactive magazine

editorials and adverts from the fenestration industry. Interactive links in the magazine and on their website connect readers directly to you. Unlike print, this magazine embeds videos from YouTube or Vimeo on the magazine and website. Fenestration Digital is also the digital home of FENEX – leading the way in unique trade show events.

Advertising Promoting your latest product or service can give you an instant link through to your own website. They have tailored advertising solutions including banner advertisements, interactive video news ads, site, channel, and video sponsorship.

Public relations Supply your latest news stories, product features, new appointments, employee achievements, new contracts, etc. Fenestration Digital offers the viewer the latest news articles, videos, ads and downloading of brochures specific to the industry.

Targeted news flashes Bring daily trade-specific and super-targeted news, Press Releases, and innovations directly to the right inboxes.

Case Studies Allowing industry suppliers to share and showcase their products and services through the experience of their customers. Let the team know what your clients and customers Fenestration Digital news websitethink about you and fenestration will tell everyone else.

Video Give your products and services a personality and create a visual advert which will be automatically linked through YouTube. Video productions are a great way to deliver training sessions, product usage and updates to customers.

Browsing Allows viewers to find their own current and archived news. Sectioned into categories, web visitors c