Onsite 7, the new cloud-based job management software designed for the trade by the trade can deliver considerable savings for installers.

In fact, the company is so confident in the software’s ability to save installation businesses money, it is now offering six months free of charge if savings haven’t been made in the first year of use.

Rhys Hoddinott, CEO at Onsite 7, explains: “An installation company with 10-15 employees could make potential savings of approximately £45,000 per annum by investing in Onsite 7. Similarly, installation businesses with employees of 1-5 are likely to save approximately £15,000 per annum. With savings on this scale, there has never been a better time for installers to sign up to the software.”

The savings are a result of eliminating multiple site visits to rectify complaints, double-entry of data, payment refunds and non-payments, which all adds up to a reduction in overall job profit, not to mention a damaged reputation. It’s because by using the Onsite 7 app, installers are able to upload completion evidence at the end of each stage of a job, ensuring all matters between the business and the consumer are accurately recorded in a single place, thus eliminating any dispute about what was agreed. Rhys says: “Disputes with customers are something every installation business wants to avoid and with Onsite 7 you can. The software allows you to manage every stage of the job from sales, survey, installation and service with all details accurately recorded at a glance. Data is securely stored in the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere, any time and eradicates customer dispute and objection saving both time and money.”

Every element of Onsite 7 has been carefully considered to work with installers’ businesses. There’s a team calendar where installers can schedule their jobs to ensure a smooth-running schedule, including efficient team management, preventing clashes and gaps in workflows.

Onsite 7 costs £20 + VAT per month per licence and as the savings show, it delivers an impressive return on investment. Rhys concludes: “There is no doubt that Onsite 7 will make a big difference to any installation company, regardless of business size. And with our commitment to saving them money, installers have nothing to lose but everything to gain.”

For a free demonstration on how Onsite 7 can add value to your business visit and start saving you money visit www.onsite7.co.uk for details.