Leka Systems say not all solid replacement roofs are the same

The rise of home working and increasing concern about the environment means the solid replacement roof market is growing at a pace. But it pays to choose your solid roof system carefully, because there’s a big cost to making the wrong decision, especially right now.

This is the view of Rhys Hoddinott, Managing Director at Leka Systems, home of one of the most innovative solid roof systems on the market today. He says: “Not all solid roofs are comparable. Leka roofs offer value in more ways than one.”

Leka products have always attracted attention because of their thermal efficiency. With U values as low as 0.12 W/m²K, Leka roofs dramatically outperform common glass and polycarbonate roofing systems – as well as other solid roof systems.

The incredible thermal efficiency is partly due to the GRP construction, which, as Rhys explains, is something that brings cost benefits too.

He says: “Leka roofs don’t use aluminium, which means we aren’t being affected by the huge increase in aluminium prices. Fabricators and installers using aluminium are having to pass price increases onto consumers because they can’t absorb them any longer. Because we don’t use aluminium on our roofing products, this isn’t something we’re having to do.”

The GRP construction also makes the roof incredibly lightweight, which means it can often be used without additional reinforcing, helping to keep time and costs down even further.

Leka Systems saw 40% sales growth in 2021 thanks to success and uptake from its growing fabricator network, proving that the products offer what today’s installers are looking for. Leka fabricators also benefit from exclusive regional partnerships, as well as comprehensive and proactive support, including training and technical advice.

Rhys concludes: “If you want products that maximise your customers’ opportunities, there’s only one solid roofing system you need. It’s the warm roof from Leka Systems.”

Leka Systems say not all solid replacement roofs are the same