When it comes to video marketing its benefits are simple – they can help make a company serious money and bring about greater brand awareness. Incorporating a corporate or product video onto a website can really enable companies to convert leads and fast. In this new digital age however, there is a lot more that can be achieved in terms of its distribution.

Equally, a strong and well defined product video on a website can lead to immediate investment. It has been proven that 74% of viewers who watch ‘explainer-videos’ go on to buy a product.

While many people consider that ROI must take some time, many who have made the investment state that it has really helped their marketing campaigns. Whilst there is some time that must be committed to looking at what exactly needs promoting, the end results gain very positive results with clicks and shares that help to drive existing and potential buyers to a website.

Video Production 4 has now been launched and works in conjunction with trade publications to give customers’ videos a much broader reach into untapped audiences.

Headed up by Alan Tisch, who has over 20 years TV and digital production experience, the company has seen a niche in the market in terms of online marketing and its subsequent distribution.

Alan Tisch comments, “Creating targeted videos in specific industries with affiliated trade sectors, will allow for greater business scope in respect of the initial corporate video. We have worked with many businesses in the manufacturing sector so have a proven track record and examples of video working for our clients. We have also embraced new technologies such as virtual tours, bringing a business’s factory to life, giving their clients the opportunity to freely “walk” around their premises and see just what makes them a great business and really create that ‘wow factor’ on line”

Improve Your Position

Exposure to a product or service increases the time people spend on a site, and this is excellent for search engine optimisation. For example, on Google if there is an embedded video viewers are highly likely to start exploring and more importantly, investing. Videos really do affect your search engine rank. It’s also worth remembering that YouTube is the second most used search engine!

Explainer videos enable the viewer to discover more about the product and therefore they engage site traffic. Most people who invest in this type of video state that it is effective when looking to create ‘action’ and sales on a website.

Just like TV advertising, video marketing leaves its mark and it is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that it can be created economically.

Another useful option for a company is to use the new advanced 3D virtual tour videos that Video Production 4 are creating for several clients. This is ideal for virtual factory or showroom tours that can be utilised on a website for potential clients. We have found that customers who have had customised videos such as this, have had a great return in terms of attracting new clients.

In showrooms, product videos will give consumers in depth understanding of products or it can provide greater insights into product quality standards on a factory tour – it can explain in detail the advantages of specific benefits provided by a company. In order to highlight the values of a company the Video Production 4 options will help businesses to achieve a greater reach.

Thanks to new technologies and the reach of social media which helps to spread the message of a video, marketing, in this way, gives a business a much larger audience than ever before possible. For Video Production 4 there are many new opportunities out there for business owners who are looking to build the presence and brand of their companies. Creativity combined with clever editing and new animation techniques will ensure a message is made that will be remembered. The investment lasts and at sensible costs.

People sell to people but video can ensure that a message or benefit is retained for a long time. Getting creative with a product or service is a very clever way to build upon the reputation of a business.

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