Onsite 7 the new cloud-based job management software designed for the trade by the trade, has been attracting attention from many installers looking to make job management more straightforward.

Rhys Hoddinott, CEO at Onsite 7, said: “As industry people ourselves, we know what installers really need to manage their jobs efficiently. It’s why we’re seeing strong take-up at the moment.”

Every element of Onsite 7 has been carefully considered to add value to installers’ businesses.

For example, Onsite 7 can be used as a customer relationship management system where installers can store all of their customers details, plus documents, notes and job information. Data is securely stored in the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere, any time.

There’s a team calendar where installers can schedule their jobs. It helps ensure a smooth-running schedule and helps hem manage their teams’ time efficiently, preventing clashes and gaps in workflows. Installers can allocate actions to a particular team member and track progress so there’s less risk of something ‘falling through the cracks’.

When it comes to monitoring progress, installers can check every stage of every job from sales and survey to install and service. It provides an at-a-glance approach to see where a job has got to and whether action is needed. There are also downloadable reports to check on progress and track activity.

Then there’s the Onsite 7 app, where installers can upload evidence of completion at the end of each stage of a job. It ensures all matters between the business and the customer are accurately recorded in a single place, meaning there can be no dispute about what was agreed. Rhys says: “In our experience, disputes with customers frequently result from a disagreement between either what was supplied or when it would be supplied. In both cases, evidence is needed – and that’s exactly what Onsite 7 provides.”

Michael Hollyer of Clearstyle Windows sums up the benefits of Onsite 7 by saying simply: “It is as if he software was designed specifically for my business.”

Onsite 7 costs £20 + VAT per month per licence and provides impressive return on investment. Rhys concludes: “Onsite 7 makes installers more efficient in less than two weeks. Try it today to see what a difference it makes to your business.”