This is an article by our Editor Helen Duval

For many businesses the use of videos has been something created to help give a company a personal touch via sound and vision. It’s a voice that is a welcoming tool that can help improve both short and longer term business strategies.

After being convinced to spend a few thousand pounds, videos are then parked on websites and corporate YouTube channels. Once the initial flurry of excitement and interest regarding the latest custom video has been achieved what happens then? It depends on why you commissioned it in the first place.

Customised corporate videos are an excellent marketing tool that can help to drive traffic to a website or inform customers about the latest updates on products or services. Via online portals they are a great way to spread a modern message to potential new customers who prefer to be tech savvy and watch moving pictures.

Yet what types of videos are right for a particular business? Corporate messages that give an up to date view of the strength behind a company’s brand are an engaging way to communicate and there are many types out there that reinforce corporate qualities.

Voice-overs, interviews and good photography including drone video if relevant, will help to demonstrate differences to the competition. A website with a video can house all that is great about a business and its team, which will inspire the best people to want to join it and will help to show why a company is better than others in the same field. This type of video can also inspire people to invest in a company or group.

Building on that theme, companies can also create product videos for specific customer investment. Highlighting qualities or new developments on a regular basis will extend the vision of a company and show a forward thinking approach to market developments. Stronger, faster, better quality, what-ever advantages are offered, making life better is what this type of video is all about.

Apps are a topic of this month’s discussions but they are such a technological revolution! For businesses an app video can explain a lot in a really short space of time. They give a clear and concise message exceedingly quickly and are very easy to create. These can focus on key features and drive viewers to explore more about a company – they can be a light, fun and highly visual tool that will quickly engage users.

YouTube is now a mighty device to drive people to invest in a company. Stars have been born here and companies created that would have foundered were they not able to demonstrate their merits via a YouTube video. It can demonstrate changes, explain how to use a new product or it can give access to corporate events in a way that has never before been achievable on screen.

Whether you love them or hate them short online commercials before, during and after virtually every video on the global channel mean it’s a go-to arena for marketers.

Capturing interest is vital here if people are going to stay watching a corporate video for more than 30 seconds. 10 Seconds in, if interest has not been captured here then forget it. Fun and exciting – two key attributes that every YouTube video should include to keep an audience focused.

Streamlining videos captures a moment there and then. People like this – it is an honest way to speak to an audience but content is absolutely key here.

Company marketers wanting to expand or market their business potential have a wealth of choice when it comes to video content. There are plenty out there looking to help highlight the advantages of any company – videos are extremely versatile, but knowing which type of video to produce and the audience it will reach is critical to its success.