The UK’s leading integral blind manufacturer Morley Glass has launched a new system designed specifically for hospitals, medical schools and other health and social care facilities.

ScreenView® balances the need for patient privacy and observation, allowing for easy switching between the two at different times of the day. Unlike any of the Venetian or pleated blinds available in the current Uni-Blinds range, ScreenView® has two layers of wide slats arranged in a ladder style, which move up and down to provide an open view for observation or complete closure.

The blind is perfect for door vision panels and other windows that separate a healthcare facility’s communal or public areas from private spaces such as treatment facilities, consultation rooms, operating theatres and patient rooms. Unlike vision panel flaps and externally mounted blinds, ScreenView® blind requires no cleaning or maintenance, other than routine cleaning of the control know, and it is protected from the daily knocks and accidents that can easily damage blinds in busy public environments.

Being permanently sealed within the glass unit, the ScreenView® blind is never exposed to dirt or germs, so it stays pristine over its lifespan. And, as an additional safeguard, the blind’s control mechanism is protected with a Sanitized® antimicrobial coating to help with infection control.
Safety is optimised further when ScreenView® is coupled with certified fire rated glass in insulated glass units. One of the benefits of specifying integral blinds from Morley Glass is having the flexibility to choose from different types of glass to meet different performance goals, and that includes enhanced fire resistance through the company’s partnership with Pyroguard.

This means ScreenView® blinds can be specified to provide passive fire protection, with assured performance of 30, 60 or 120 minutes, depending on the building requirements. It all adds up to a privacy and shading system that is hygienic, practical and fully compatible with designs in line with Approved Document B in England & Wales, as well as the equivalent regulations in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Ian Short, Managing Director of Morley Glass said: “ScreenView® gives specifiers and facilities managers a new option for controlling privacy and shading in healthcare environments that allows other important design objectives such as fire safety, hygiene, infection control and aesthetics to be met. We can provide specialist specification and design guidance to help achieve the right solution using ScreenView®, as well as the other integral blind solutions in our Uni-Blinds® portfolio.”

As with every product in the Uni-Blinds range, ScreenView® is manufactured by Morley Glass in Leeds using the world-renowned ScreenLine® integral blind systems from Italian pioneer Pellini S.p.A. The system is also available in the industry’s shortest lead times – just 10-12 days when ordered by 10am on Thursdays.

To find out more visit the Morley Glass website.