The National Fenestration Awards have reached to very important milestones in quick succession this week. Firstly, the number of registered users has broken the 900 barrier for the first time. To have over 900 people playing an active role in the awards this year is a fantastic achievement and is testament to the high levels of engagement the awards have had this year. The next target will be that magical 1000 mark!

Not only has the number of registered users been rising, so too has the number of votes cast so far. There have been so many in fact that we have already surpassed the total number of votes in total last year, still with over 60 voting days to go! The final total looks set to be in the many hundreds. We’ll release more accurate figures when voting closes December 1st.

Rising participation

So what do these two milestones mean? Well they proof that the industry at all levels is really starting to know about the awards, what they stand for and that they want to play their part in them. Those 900+ registered users have either nominated, voted or both. It is their input into these awards that have made this this year such a significant period in the NFAs brief history.

The industry is buzzing right now since the voting went live in early September. We’re seeing our finalists logos on people’s Twitter profile pictures, backgrounds and bios. Companies are putting them on their paperwork, e-shots, newsletter and submitting press releases to the magazines. People and companies are proud to have made it to this stage and it really is humbling to see everyone showing it off.

Voting is live right now and closes December 1st. That leaves you just over two months take part and add to what is a becoming a revolution in the way the industry rewards it’s best and brightest!