National Fenestration Awards 2020 To Restructure Campaign

In response to the rapidly changing developments with the coronavirus crisis, the National Fenestration Awards are announcing a series of changes to it’s 2020 campaign to reflect the current situation.

Much of the installation community remains at home, not working right now. Therefore it has been decided that the planned re-launch of the Cool Wall installations competition will not go ahead this year.

Jason Grafton-Holt, Director, commented: “at this time, when the installation community in our industry is at home, unable to work, worried about the future, it seems insensitive to run an installation-specific competition at this time.”

The start of the National Fenestration Awards 2020 campaign saw the introduction of some regionalised categories. The idea being that champions would be found for each region, and then an overall national winner voted on. Allowing for a range of winners in each region, as well as a national one. This idea will remain part of the NFAs going forwards, but will instead be moved to the 2021 campaign. Any nominees put forward thus far will be included and all categories will revert back to their national format.

In light of the current national effort to help reduce the spread of the virus and help protect the NHS, a number of categories for 2020 will be turned into new “Covid Hero” categories. These will be aimed at shining a light on people and companies in UK fenestration that have gone above and beyond to help others in need. There are already amazing acts of kindness and charity coming from people in UK fenestration, and the National Fenestration Awards wants to focus on those for 2020.

Jason went on to say: “we have already started to see a lot of people and companies doing some amazing things as part of the national effort to beat COVID-19. Its right that the NFAs switch focus and praise those that are doing incredible things.”

Finally, the National Fenestration Awards has announced that dates for the 2020 campaign will now be open-ended until further notice. The team have explained that whilst lockdown conditions look set to continue for longer than we all hoped, and social distancing appearing to be required for at least the rest of the year, it does not make any sense to apply dates to its nomination and voting phases whilst the industry isn’t working or able to operate as normal.

Jason commented: “there is nothing certain right now, and if you take a closer look at previous government and SAGE advice a couple of weeks ago, its clear social distancing measures are going to be here for a while, perhaps until the end of the year. We thought it was prudent to allow as much time as possible for the 2020 NFA campaign to run, which is why we have suspended all campaign dates and it will run for as long as is needed. We will announce new end dates for each phase when the picture becomes clearer.”

“I also want to say a massive thank you to all our sponsors for their continued support. The NFAs is a positive platform with an inspiring ethos. If, during all of this sadness and difficulty, we can at the end of the year bring a ray of sunshine to the industry, then hopefully we will have achieved something great”.

Alterations to the National Fenestration Awards 2020 website to reflect these changes will appear on the NFA website over the coming days.


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