Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration, Glass and Glazing a Career of Choice has appointed an advisory panel to offer advice and guidance as it continues to work on a wide range of initiatives to help bridge the skills gap, and to attract new talent to the industry. Made up of representatives from businesses across all areas of the industry, the new panel will meet regularly, and is open to all to join.

The panel convened its first meeting in December and its second in January, and Partnerships Manager, Mark Handley, said they were invaluable sessions. He comments:

“We all recognise that there are challenges to overcome in trying to bridge the skills gap faced by the industry, and we know there are no quick fixes. The new advisory panel is already giving us great insights as to what we can collectively do to build on the work that has already been done to date. The breadth of experience that the panel brings to the table is already helping us to refine and commit to a long-term plan. It means that Building Our Skills is more of an ‘industry-owned’ initiative, which is as it should be.

“Our main focus is engaging with the workforce of tomorrow, and the advisory panel is helping us to develop a number of initiatives we have introduced in the education sector. These currently involve volunteers speaking in schools and pupils visiting an industry facilities. We have put together a suggested presentation for the former so that speakers can draw on the ideas it provides and personalise it. In addition, we have also formalised a programme of careers fayres around the UK.

 “We had identified over 50 career paths in the industry, and now the advisory panel is helping us to paint an attractive picture for people looking to join us by supplying images and information, but we are keen to obtain more from anyone interested in helping out in this way. Building Our Skills now has a dedicated page on its website telling people all about this great range of options and what each individual career path offers. We’d request that people send images and job role details by emailing Any support will be greatly appreciated.”

In addition, the advisory panel is also to tackle how Building Our Skills can continue its work to bring people into the industry from the military and prison sectors, recognising that there are unique challenges to overcome in these areas.