Onsite 7, the installer-friendly cloud-based job management software delivers end to end information that puts businesses in control of every installation.

Rhys Hoddinott, CEO at Onsite 7, explains: “There are several pieces of information that the software delivers that are critically important for installation companies, but the job review section is particularly effective.

This section allows installation companies to review job notes, images, site videos and instantly see if a job has been delayed or changed and the reasons why.  This information gives installation companies time to react accordingly to minimise disruption to their busy fitting schedules.”

With the current demand in domestic installations, having real-time information on all installations at any one time is business critical.  Rhys said: “With the demands on all installations teams as a result of the boom from the domestic sector, having the information at hand in case of a job change or delay, can make a real difference to scheduling work to maximise efficiencies.”

Every element of Onsite 7 has been carefully considered to work with installers’ businesses. Rhys said: “The system is designed to streamline your business at every level. All the information connected with all your jobs is stored in one place that’s accessible whether you’re in the office, on the road or on site with a customer. It also acts as a customer relationship management (CRM) system so you can have a single system giving you all the information you need.”

Onsite 7 was developed to make managing installation businesses much easier, saving time and money.  In fact, it takes less than 14 days to start to drive more efficiency in your business with Onsite 7 on your side.

It’s such a valuable tool because it was developed by people with solid experience as business owners in the installation sector.   Rhys concluded: “We know that a fast-paced business needs software that is quick and straightforward to set up and works the way you want it to. We combine this with strong ethics and values that cascade through our business to ensure we always deliver on expectations. It suits businesses of any size and can add value at every level to help businesses stay in control.”

Onsite 7 costs just £20 + VAT per month per licence. To get started with it in your business today, visit onsite7.co.ukand hit ‘Sign Up’.