Tougher Part L requirements don’t need to be a cause of concern for suppliers of aluminium products.

In fact, if you choose the correct system supplier – these tighter standards can help give you an edge in a market that’s set to become more competitive as the cost of living ‘crisis‘ begins to encompass more middle income households.

With an ever-expanding range of Part L compliant aluminium windows, doors, bi-folds and roof lanterns – Sheerline’s customers are reaping the benefits of choosing a modern aluminium system. Designed around Sheerline’s innovative Thermlock® technology, which sits at the heart of every product, Thermlock® multi-chambered thermal breaks are made from a material that is almost half as thermally conductive as Polyamide. This coupled with their increased size means that Sheerline meets the new standards with standard double glazing – helping customers continue to sell the same spec of products, without adding cost. With Sheerline, an aluminium U-value of 1.4 comes as standard.

While other systems companies are busy trying to shoehorn a solution into their legacy systems, either adding cost via foam inserts or forcing customers to ‘upgrade’ to expensive triple glazing to meet these new standards, Sheerline customers are left with a competitive advantage and a clear easy to understand product offer.

Sheerline customers can also be confident that when thermal requirements tighten even further in 2025 as part of the Future Homes and Buildings Standards – they’ll be ready once again to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace.

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