Hardware expert VBH, the company behind the popular greenteQ range of hardware and furniture, has reported a steep rise in registrations for its Q-secure consumer security guarantee.

Q-secure guarantees the security of windows, doors and patio doors up to a potential £8000 payout, which is paid direct to the end user in the event of a break in through a registered product.

Installations must have been carried out by an approved Q-secure installer and registered direct with VBH.

VBH advise that registrations in the first quarter of 2022 are 87% up on those in the final 3 months of 2021.

Marketing Manager Gary Gleeson says, “A near doubling of registrations is really encouraging and shows that our guarantee is proving a hit with our customers, who find it to be a real help in closing deals. Q-secure Network members have a valuable, but free, extra carrot to dangle now that sales people once again have to work hard to achieve new business.”

VBH help by generating free leads for the Network with advertising and other activities direct to the general public.

Gary adds, “We are talking to quite a few potential new customers who are interested in switching to VBH so they can offer Q-secure either direct or through their installer base.

We expect to be reporting another big rise after Q2 as more people realise that Q-secure is beneficial to everyone in the supply chain, and just needs to be offered by the salesperson at the sharp end. It’s a no-brainer, really.”

Manufacturers and installers interested in joining the Network are advised to contact VBH via the contact form at www.qsecure.co.uk or by emailing VBH direct at info@vbhgb.com.