Sheerline’s award-winning aluminium S1 roof lantern has become one of the most secure roof lanterns in the UK after achieving Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation.

The aim of the police-backed initiative is to provide a recognised standard that increases security while deterring and reducing crime.

This optional security upgrade from Sheerline ensures the S1 aluminium roof lantern is secure enough to withstand opportunist criminals, providing peace of mind to homeowners.

When Sheerline’s expert design team was developing the next generation S1 roof lantern, security was a key consideration. This is because traditional lanterns have a host of security flaws and weaknesses that can be exploited.

Sheerline has overcome these issues through innovative design solutions. For instance, the S1 already features high-performance glazing tape that adds an invisible layer of security while anti-tamper rafter fixings, plus high-security radius fixings that are only accessible from the inside, are supplied as standard. In addition, glazing is held securely in position using a unique patent-pending glass lock.

The optional SBD upgrade adds additional security clamping plates, locking the SBD lantern’s laminated glass panels in place, preventing them from being lifted and removed by would-be intruders* even if rafter top caps have been removed. These stainless steel components are held firmly in place by stainless steel security screws for added strength.

This optional security upgrade is invisible on finished roofs and doesn’t compromise the stylish contemporary design or thermal performance that Sheerline is known for. Customers also still benefit from exceptional thermal efficiency because of Sheerline’s Thermlock® technology, which supports 28mm glazing and offers a centre pane U-value of 1.0.

Thermlock® is unique to Sheerline and utilises multi-chambered thermal breaks to keep heat in and reduce energy bills. Part L compliance comes as standard, so customers do not have to worry about meeting this year’s tighter building regulations. As an installer-friendly manufacturer, the team behind Sheerline has also simplified the installation process by creating a unique hook and bracket system – keeping hip rafters in place while they are fixed.

Roger Hartshorn, Sheerline CEO, said: “The fact that our award-winning S1 lantern has achieved SBD accreditation is a significant achievement for the team. We’re delighted our lantern is among the top rated for security in the UK as very few systems have achieved this standard. Today’s announcement is important because it shows our commitment to security and signals the fact that every product in the Sheerline range is now SBD accredited.”

“Since Sheerline’s inception, we’ve been committed to developing stylish yet secure and sustainable products. We set out to fundamentally change the aluminium window and door landscape for installers and fabricators, and this announcement highlights our dedication to that pledge,” he added.

To find out more about Sheerline’s award-winning S1 lantern, visit the website here: their website alternatively, call Sheerline on 01132 978000 or email: Follow @SheerlineSystem for the latest news and updates.
*Based on SBD’s test criteria