Hardware manufacturer, VBH, is reporting a high uptake on the new greenteQ SLIM Omega letterplate, which was launched recently.

The product has been introduced following feedback from VBH customers who were struggling to find a feature-packed letterplate that they could fit to slim mid-rails without it overhanging the profile.

The new letterplate opens to 180° in the same way that the standard Omega product does, but is only 56mm deep. Despite the slim overall size, the internal aperture is only, at 31mm, 8mm less than a standard letterplate. VBH advise that this will cope with most standard postal items.

Omega SLIM is available in nine finishes of the greenteQ Suite, VBH’s range of matching resi-door, window and patio door furniture.

Marketing Manager Gary Gleeson says, “We re-vamped the Omega range in 2022, giving it a much more contemporary look. We had been hearing for a while that people wanted our original ‘box’ but in a slimmer package, so it seemed the perfect time to lay down the tooling and put some stock in place of the all-new Omega SLIM.

We knew that we had ready-made customers in place, but towards the end of the year we have welcomed many new customers come on board for Omega, too.”
As with all greenteQ furniture products, Omega is supplied with a 10 year mechanical and surface guarantee.

The guarantee also extends to plated finishes.
Gary explains, “Our plated furniture has six layers of copper, chrome and nickel to give it excellent protection against the elements. Installers fitting doors that feature greenteQ furniture can rest easy knowing that all the furniture on the door is covered by VBH for a full 10 years, and it suites with their windows and patio doors, of course.”

To find out more about greenteQ Omega letterplates or any other hardware in the VBH range, contact VBH on 01634 263263, email at sales@vbhgb.com, or send them a Tweet @vbhgb.