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This industry recognises leaders who are interested in developing innovations that create a bigger picture value – not just in relation to stronger, faster performance for their customers, but also for employees to feel a strong security in regards to their working environment.

The HEGLA group saw many changes and developments for the good in 2018 that were not only focused on improving customer profit margins, but that focussed on the possibilities and prosperity of the industry as a whole.

By looking at market direction, HEGLA consolidated its leading market position and now offers triple the advantages from under one roof. There mergence of HEGLA boraident GmbH & Co and HEGLA-HANIC as integral to the HEGLA group’s future, has created greater business potential for customers with machines and systems that can achieve the highest precision and quality in automation.

The strong tradition of collaborating with customers to tailor solutions that will give them greater scope is just one part of HEGLA’s contribution to improve business performance across the sector. There is a commitment through training and support, that is dedicated to help customers survive in an exceptionally fierce market. This has been achieved via discussion, insights and technical advancements. The launch of AGV’s and the new StreamLam for example, help customers achieve greater results in a faster timescale. The latter can achieve a 30% greater output in LSG cutting than conventional cutting lines.

Equally, the modern software solutions from HEGLA-HANIC simplify production control whilst innovations including the laser-assisted glass finish and marking from HEGLA boraident GmbH & Co. give excellent technical advantages to a production line.

The company recognises that great strength lies in a strong team and one of the signature developments is consistent employee evaluation and training support. Career opportunity has never been better at the HEGLA group with graduate schemes, mentorships and apprenticeships offered that have seen the team grow substantially to reflect the progressive approach to the industry. Senior manage-ment believe that the opportunity to support younger professionals demonstrates their valuable con-tribution to this business sector as a whole.

Bernhard Hoetger, COO, HEGLA group comments, “Collectively, these efforts attract new entrants to our profession, which supports the resilience of this company, internationally. Likewise, the new business partnerships and developments in automation have been successful milestones for this company which have unified the organisation as it prepares to gain further ground next year.

Our automated systems will continue to evolve as the all important Industry 4.0 begins to gather momentum on a global scale. Streamlining production methods with faster output and greater quality all round will give our customers greater potential and success.”

Demand for products in the HEGLA range grew throughout 2018 particularly across the UK, with industry accreditation and satisfied customers substantiating the claims of engineering excellence provided by the company.

Steve Goble, Managing Director HEGLA UK Ltd, comments, “Customers are actively seeking to adapt their business methods and improve their performance credentials. The engineering excel-lence of the HEGLA brand is very well recognised as being able to support this. The trust that grows between the HEGLA team and customers as a consequence results in powerful working partnerships which reflect the best the industry can offer.

As we begin 2019, already we have a strong business profile in place and our primary mission is to keep our customers ahead in what could prove to be a turbulent economic climate. We are focused on upholding the high standards for which we are recognised whilst continuing to develop outstanding new innovations that will support our customers and further advance their businesses.”

Looking ahead, the HEGLA team recognises that customers are constantly evaluating and investing in their own future performance by adopting methods and technology. Analysing emerging trends and creating discussion with customers from this enables the company to then drive forward suc

cessful solutions for an ever-changing marketplace.

The company’s core strategic objective is to provide a resource for customers as they expand their own capabilities, helping them to create value and support for their own target markets. For more information on the complete HEGLA range please call 01908 291 633.