Industry-leading systems supplier The VEKA UK Group is celebrating another successful stint at the popular FIT Show in Telford. More than 8,502 people visited the show over the course of the three-day event, and the Burnley-based company had a steady stream of interested visitors to the expansive stand.

The VEKA UK Group team were keen to demonstrate the quality of their products on the stand and allow customers to approach them for #JustTheFacts about their many high-spec systems and services.

Representatives of the award-winning company unveiled a host of new products and concepts, including a brand new Slide & Swing Window and Door which both offer a host of benefits such as: optional triple glazing, low U-values and concealed hardware – all without the need for additional tooling.

The complete Imagine suite was fitted on stand 150, for customers to get to grips with this stylish and innovative flush collection.

One of the most exciting developments unveiled at this year’s FIT Show was the unique, new offering from Assure. Technical and Compliance Manager Austin Greene explains: “As an official, trusted, UKAS-accredited certification body, Assure is unique in being able to offer Certification Services direct to customers.

“Assure Certification Services will be able to offer certification of windows, doors, glass units, CE Marking, SBD and more, and Assure membership is not a requirement.

“VEKA and Halo fabricators will no longer need to pay to have each of their products type tested individually. Assure Certification Services will ‘cascade’ test data down and fabricators will only need to send one sample product for physical testing per year.

“This service makes the certification process simple and straightforward, potentially saving companies thousands of pounds on certification.

“Understandably, this attracted a lot of interest at the show! We’re looking forward to discussing the benefits with even more companies, of any profile system, in the coming months.”