At UAP, we’re passionate about pushing boundaries and supporting endeavours that embody resilience, teamwork, and the spirit of adventure. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our support for Team Seasoar in the World’s Toughest Row – Atlantic, as part of the UAP Charity Pledge 2024-25.

About the World’s Toughest Row – Atlantic

The World’s Toughest Row – Atlantic is no ordinary race. It’s an annual event that sees up to 30 teams brave the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean in rowing boats. The race kicks off in early December from San Sebastian in the Canary Islands and concludes at the tropical shores of Antigua in the West Indies. This gruelling challenge tests the limits of human endurance and fortitude, as teams row continuously, facing the relentless elements of the open ocean.

The Journey Ahead

For Team Seasoar, the journey will be both physically and mentally demanding. The race involves a relentless schedule: rowing for two hours, then sleeping for two hours, around the clock. On bad days, they will contend with waves towering up to 20 feet high. The physical toll is immense, with each team member expected to lose an average of 12kg over the course of the journey. They will burn 5,000 calories daily and need to drink 10 litres of water to stay hydrated.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

Competing in the World’s Toughest Row isn’t just about personal achievement; it’s also about making a difference. Teams fund their boats through advertising and raise money for various charities through sponsorships. By supporting Team Seasoar, UAP is contributing to a significant cause, aligning with our commitment to social responsibility and community support.

Preparation and Dedication

The preparation for such a formidable challenge is extensive. Recently, UAP Group Sales Director Barry Halpin had the opportunity to meet with Niall Brannigan from Team Seasoar to get a first-hand look at the boat that will carry them across the Atlantic. This meeting highlighted the meticulous planning and rigorous training that goes into readying for the race. The dedication and hard work of Team Seasoar are truly inspiring.
Barry expressed his admiration, stating, “Meeting Niall and seeing the boat up close was an eye-opener. The commitment and preparation required for such an extreme challenge are incredible. At UAP, we are proud to support Team Seasoar and their noble cause.”

The Road Ahead

As we embark on this journey with Team Seasoar, we are excited to follow their progress and support them every step of the way. Their determination and perseverance reflect the values we hold dear at UAP. We believe in the power of teamwork and the extraordinary accomplishments that can be achieved when people come together with a shared goal.

Barry added, “We’re eagerly looking forward to cheering Team Seasoar on as they tackle the Atlantic. Their journey exemplifies the spirit of endurance and unity, which resonates deeply with our own company ethos.”

For more information on how you can support Team Seasoar and follow their journey, visit ⁠Team Seasoar’s website and ⁠UAP’s Charity Pledge page. Let’s make a difference together!