This is a sponsored article by Brisant Secure

Ultion’s Facebook post from the 15th February, 2019 achieved over 160,000 Facebook views. Homeowners from across the UK watched the video showing how Ultion can withstand attacks from blowtorches.

Burglars using blowtorches as a means to force entry into properties, gained widespread national coverage in February in The Mirror, Sun and Daily Mail. With reported crime on the rise and police numbers dwindling, stories like this are become increasingly common.

This latest video clearly shows that Ultion is proven to withstand attacks from blowtorches. Ultion’s molybdenum core will withstand a staggering 2,623 degrees Celsius, so even if the handle is destroyed in the heat, Ultion stays firmly locked. It was also posted in response to many concerned homeowner enquiries through social media. It’s caused quite a stir with 235 comments and over 700 shares on Facebook.

Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant Secure commented: ‘There is no question that Ultion can deter burglars, even those with blowtorches, and this latest video clearly shows that. The crime statistics and the pressure on police resources mean that we have to make our homes more secure and the doors we fit super secure.’

To see the video for yourself look for Ultion on Facebook and on Twitter @UltionLock. For information on Brisant Secure visit, e-mail or call 01924 410200.