Corey Whitehurst of Whitehurst Windows in Stoke is pictured with brothers Paul and Colin Bakewell with their level 2 certificates in Fenestration installation. Corey told Roy Pusey, Assessor at GQA Approved Centre, North Lancs Training Group, that he was made up to collect his certificate as it shows that all the work he has done over the years he now has something to show for it.

Paul Bakewell explained that he has now also achieved English and Maths qualifications alongside his NVQ, after leaving school with nothing. He went on to say that Roy took out the extra time to support him with his English and Maths and was made to feel at ease on the visits. Colin explained that he enjoyed the assessments and observations and Roy would turn up on site regardless of the location (sometimes even in the snow). Corey explained that he is looking forward to signing up for a level 3 and would like his staff to follow suit.