Why The NFAs Are So Beneficial For Business

As Award seasons go, this year’s perhaps validate the NFAs more than ever, as the desire to win and the excitement of the nominees and finalists, demonstrates the sheer determination of the sector to overcome adversity and celebrate positive results.

In what can only be described as one of the toughest periods in UK history economically, the winners are just beginning to revel in their victories, with their generous nods given from the industry, that they are considered the best at what they do.

The fenestration sector has been at fever pitch over the last couple of months, with many checking out the the list of NFA finalists for each category, before promptly voting for those they feel deserve, what is fast becoming the industry’s leading accolade.

Just like The OSCARS, the NFAs are prestigious…. and just like the OSCARS they are different because they are voted for by the sector itself. Directors, manufacturers, service providers are ALL voted for by the industry as a whole. It is this that makes them worth their weight and brings winners such positive results for their business. In simple terms, the winners have been chosen and rewarded by their peers, which has to be the highest honour for any company.

While there are other awards in the sector, these have different voting systems, with applications required and judging panels making their considered, overall choice for each category. While some may say, on the face of it, that an award is an award, the ‘moods’ are very different when it comes to the NFAs.

The Bigger Picture
Apart from jubilant celebrating, the NFA event itself allows everyone in the industry to immerse themselves into a world of business, where celebrating the success stories of the past year is just the start of all the award brings to not just a company, but to the team within it.

Resilience, innovation, quality, sustainability, diversity, and the chance to celebrate business excellence, are all main cornerstones of the NFAs, and this has been the case from the start.

Being acknowledged for the achievements reached in a 12 month period, by your peers, boosts morale, reflects on the high standards offered and demonstrates that those in the sector appreciate the efforts that have been made for them.

Indeed, by association, this brings a greater recognition to any customer or supplier that works with one of the winners. It brings benefits to their business as they look to grow.

The NFA team’s on-going goal is to create an exceptional community of business leaders who can share their pioneering abilities, which consequently, will raise the bar across the fenestration board, in terms of ethics, professionalism and results.

Lee Clarke, Managing Director of the NFAs considers that this type of peer-led, industry recognition will help to improve the economy and reinforce the excellence provided by the market-leading NFA winning brands.

Lee comments, “Given the economic turmoil we have all endured over the last 2 to 3 years, we need something positive to boost the sector. The NFAs help people to push themselves harder as well as for greater recognition and increased profit margins.

With more categories this year than ever before, the NFAs celebrate all facets of those considered leaders in the sector, whether that is due to successful product launches, strong training ethics, excellent business management, creatively different overviews that get the right message across, or simply a working ethos that helps others… with an NFA accolade, it demonstrates that you have been judged by your business actions, achievements and business principles by those who invest in your company. There can be no higher recognition.”