The National Fenestration Awards came about from a desire to get the industry talking, to bring about more engagement and to recognise those in our industry that are often under-represented.

2013 National Fenestration Award

This industry has seen a lot of changes over the years.  Constant changes in legislation and standards, the requirement to improve products, growing health and safety demands and much more certification and bureaucracy than ever before.

Despite all this, there are many passionate people in the industry with a huge talent for the design of products, improvements to products and a huge improvement in service levels.  Despite the negative perception of our industry at a retail level there are thousands of companies doing well even in the current climate and growing.

The National Fenestration Awards started from a belief that the industry needed something new.

However, we are not alone in holding this belief. The organisers of the FiT Show had a vision for a new industry exhibition and their hard work in creating a brand-new event has been evident for all to see. Residence 9 and Whiteline are other examples where sterling work has been done to bring out a brand-new timber replacement product to market. Legacy Windows brought us the New Wave Door, Ultraframe with their Loggia and others.  It is this kind of hard work that needs to be supported.  Not just for the companies in question but also for the individuals and the good it does for our industry.

The National Fenestration Awards is new, it will develop and grow like any new project and will adapt.

These are brand-new awards for the industry and we want your feedback, comment and participation.

National Fenestration Awards 2013The National Fenestration Awards will be all-inclusive of the industry and support it. This project is not just about winners and prizes – it’s there as a long-term project to support the industry, get behind it, see changes happen for the better and bring a much-needed “voice” to our industry.

The support so far for the awards has been phenomenal with tweets, messages and emails of support right from the start.

We want you to support and get involved with the National Fenestration Awards.