This is a sponsored article by Camden Group

Many people consider working their way up the corporate ladder a distant dream, but three employees of the Camden Group have proved that if you are willing to work hard, the rewards are not out of everyone’s reach.

The Antrim-based company actively encourage employees to progress through the company and up the ranks, to progress their careers to new levels.

One employee, Gary Malone, tells us about his career at the Camden Group which is now in its 16th year. “I was originally a car mechanic like my dad in a large car dealership, but I knew it wasn’t a long-term career for me. I saw an advert for the Camden Group and I knew it was a family run company which appealed to me, so I applied. I got the job as Product Manager which I loved, and I have recently taken on the role as Quality Manager. I wanted a change and to develop skills in a new area. I would recommend working at the Camden Group to anyone. They really look after their people, and if you show an interest in the business, there’s always room to move up.”

The Camden Group also have a substantial female work force on the factory floor. One employee Louise Carleton told us her story.

“I originally came to Camden as a factory operative, fitting the rubber seals around the window frames. Since then I have been involved in many production processes for the various products. I eventually became Team Leader, then Supervisor. I’m now the Windows Factory Production Manager. I love it here, they’re a great team. That’s why I have been here 19 years.”

Another member of the Camden Group team is Johnny Hazzard, who has also worked his way up through various roles over the past 15 years.

“I joined Camden working in the panel factory, and I have also worked with the CNC writer and in the decorative glass section. I have had the opportunity to try many roles here which is great. They range from, working in sales, customer services and even in the trade centres. Camden have also invested in me by sending me on training courses for forklift truck driving and first aid. After working as a Team Leader I’m now the Glass Factory Manager. I definitely like working here, it’s a great place and the career opportunities are excellent.”

It’s clear as the glass they work with that a career at the Camden Group could prove to be a wise decision. Something that Roy Harrison, Sales Manager at Camden backs up. “Employee retention makes sense on so many levels. Recruitment is both time consuming and expensive, so it pays to invest in the employee’s needs and listen to them when they have something to say. The team here are not just names on the payroll – they are all individuals with skills and qualities. Everyone here has the opportunity to progress their careers if they wish to, which we actively encourage.”

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