Crystal Clear Group set to increase efficiency and quality with Supercut 6

Established in 1988, the Crystal Clear Group has always had a focus on providing commercial and trade customers with top of the line, high-quality PVCu fenestration products. In August 2020, in the midst of months of unprecedented demand in the industry following lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic, Crystal Clear’s CEO Martin Randall decided it was time to upgrade his fabrication machinery. He was looking for something which would not only enhance his operational efficiency but also provide consistent quality across all products.

His choice: the Supercut 6 Cutting and Machining Centre from Avantek Machinery.

Getting the ball rolling

Having scoured the marketplace to assess what was available, Martin knew he didn’t want to wait. Avantek Machinery’s reputation for investing in stock of machinery meant the team could supply Crystal Clear Group with a brand new Supercut within days, giving his business the production capability it needed.

Within 24 hours of the decision, three Avantek team members made their way to Hertfordshire to visit Crystal Clear Group to meet with the team and to prepare the factory for the arrival of the 23-metre-long Supercut 6.

Crystal Clear’s Operations Director Tim Goldspink commented, “The planning process was key. Two automated saws had to be moved out of production whilst installing the Supercut around the factory’s existing layout – and with such a large machine, we had to make sure it was installed safely.

“Dave Fox, Avantek’s Supercut Manager, delivered a CAD drawing of our facility and showed us the most efficient way to set up the factory, which was superb.”

Why the Supercut 6?

Martin Randall says, “We’ve been using separate machines for cutting and machining for decades. With the need to increase production also came the need to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality – and the  Supercut delivers both.

“With the Supercut 6, profiles are cut and cleaned in one motion, all with only one machine. It also moves all off-cuts into the waste basket for ease in recycling – which is paramount to our operations.

“The fact we could have all this within a few short weeks was what really swung it for me – and the Avantek team have been so easy to deal with.”

Initial observations

The Supercut 6 was delivered two weeks after Martin’s initial telephone call to Avantek and will take just four weeks to set up from start to finish – including working with software companies and training staff to run it.

Martin continues: “The Supercut replaces almost a dozen smaller, less efficient machines in our facility. It delivers the consistently excellent results that we expect and are known for. It will also allow us to streamline our operations, and further increase our productivity by up to 1300 frames per week.

“We’re excited about the future and the move to invest in the Supercut 6 now will help us to manage the unprecedented demand we’ve consistently seen over the last few months.”

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