The UK has experienced a once in a lifetime occurrence hopefully, in the shape of Covid 19 and the World continues to evolve to the new “normal”. Recovery has begun and certainly the overall view in the Glass Industry is that business is far better than expected and we await the positive news of a vaccine.

In this year of unprecedented change there has been positive change at HEGLA UK. The company has successfully and amicably manoeuvred out of the preferred partnership with Bystronic UK and is now back with its own service department, spares holding and offers its own maintenance contract agreements.

At the height of lockdown, the team moved buildings from Milton Keynes to Burntwood, a much more central position for HEGLAUK to operate from and a much better building to use. It was not the greatest timing though. The company never actually closed its operation, as spares and service support were always available. Of course, the team respected the new working measures that were introduced, but direct UK support was always there and is now well back to full capacity. This will hopefully continue to grow in the future.

The positive side of the new UK set up means the company will have direct control of its own after sales support. The maintenance side of high-volume manufacturing equipment is a necessity not a choice, with prevention always being better than cure. It will never guarantee downtime does not happen but it will reduce uncontrolled downtime which has the biggest fiscal effect on any business. It is now the aim of the company to introduce more maintenance contracts as part of HEGLA UK’s controlled support.

The changes mean that the UK team can now offer the full range of sucker lifting and handling equipment with cylinder or winch lifter systems as well as new lifting equipment that can offer useful data thanks to the cutting-edge control technology and sensors. Safety check functions, preventative maintenance alerts and vacuum check controls are all possible. Installation is carried out by in-house HEGLA UK engineers

The company’s range of products has also increased over the last year or so. The HEGLA

Group now includes HEGLA Boraident with its range of specialist laser marking equipment for glass and windows. HEGLA Hanic Software Solutions provides solutions for glass processing, and most recently HEGLA Taifin was launched with its range of Automotive and Architectural Glass Furnaces.

The HEGLA Taifin CTF range of true convection toughening furnaces are modular in construction with varying widths and lengths up to 18m already in production and above if required. There are many patented innovative design features ensuring triple coated products are not a problem. These furnaces have been meticulously developed not just for today’s market but also for future products, providing the highest quality, finished, toughened visual quality.

Steve Goble, Managing Director, HEGLA UK comments “HEGLA 2020 is a very different business from the one of 2019, as is the World. Let’s hope the current positive industry optimism continues, that business keeps building and a successful vaccine is found in the relatively near future …and as always we will be here to help with customer needs.”

For more information on the HEGLA Group range call Steve Goble or Paul Gibbs on 0330 124 5759.