Over the last few years, the marketing team at Liniar has witnessed a marked increase in customer enquiries across all of its product ranges. Following increases of 150% on phone enquiries and an 80% increase in Live Chat and email enquiries within a just few months last year, the Liniar team knew that they needed a more efficient system for dealing with customer demands.

In order to deliver an immediate response on a 24/7 basis, Liniar has now launched its online ‘Find a Stockist’ function, where visitors can type in a postcode and the products they are seeking, and find the closest Liniar outlets to their location.

Liniar’s ‘Approved Fabricator’ programme has proved the ideal starting point for adding stockists to the website, as Digital Marketing Manager Simone Sangha explains:

“When returning the results for anyone searching for Liniar products, we needed to ensure everyone included on the list would supply products manufactured to our specifications. Liniar Approved Fabricators have put themselves through an exhaustive technical Liniar audit, which gives us the confidence to display them on our website.

“Not all of our Approved Fabricators have supplied their details yet, but we’ve had enough of a critical mass to set the feature live – and it’s already generating leads for Liniar customers.

“The feature streamlines the enquiry process, making it faster and easier for the end user and delivering tangible leads for fabricators and stockists.

“It’s a simple function to use – visitors enter their postcode, the type of product or service they are looking for and whether they require an installation service and/or a showroom to visit. The search function will return the three closest Liniar Approved stockists, and clicking on each will take them to that company’s profile page on the Liniar website.

“Here, they’ll find information about the company, their Google reviews, images of their recent Liniar installations, their location on Google maps and the products and services they provide – all so the visitor can make up their own mind about which to contact. If the visitor wants to proceed with an enquiry, they can simply click to send their contact details directly to the fabricator or stockist in a GDPR-friendly format.”

Simone comments: “Putting the control back in the visitor’s hands is what it’s all about – no-one wants to wait until Monday morning if they decide to enquire about an Alumina bi-fold on a Friday evening.

“As more and more Liniar customers see the benefits of this automated process, we’ll soon be able to return results in every part of the UK.”

Try the ‘Find a Stockist’ feature on Liniar’s website by visiting liniar.co.uk/stockists – and Liniar customers wishing to be added to the site should email marketing@liniar.co.uk.