With a shared passion and drive to help youngsters choose Fenestration as a career of choice, Tracey Jackson, Business Development Manager for Howells Patent Glazing Limited has become Building Our Skills campaign’s first official Champion Supporter.

Tracey has been working with local colleges and enterprises in the West Midlands for the last couple of years, tirelessly campaigning to gain a better awareness of Fenestration in local schools and colleges.

“Howells is a family run business, set up my father in 1973,” comments Tracey, “we employ about 38 staff, and have a massive enthuses on firstly, ensuring our staff are well trained to meet the demands of our customers and secondly, working hard to engage with local communities and develop a program which enables local youngsters to understand the industry.

Tracey, recently spoke at the Building Our Skills conference in November 2018, addressing over 30 delegates. She shared the company’s adventure of how they have proactively engaged with youngsters to help capture their imagination towards manufacturing, told how with perseverance and regular interaction they have been able to develop close ties with the schools and colleges and have a greater influence with how students look at the Fenestration industry.

Stephanie Tague, Head of Building Our Skills said; “Tracey’s presentation gave others a real overview of what can be achieved within a SME business. Coupling this with her passion for enthusing others by encouraging them to embrace the concept to engage with local schools, colleges and youngsters, it makes her a fabulous candidate to become a Champion Supporter for Building Our Skills.”

For more information regarding BOS visit www.buildingourskills.co.uk or contact Stephanie direct on sayhello@buildingourskills.co.uk