Liniar, the UK’s leading PVCu systems company and a subsidiary of Quanex, is pleased to launch another UK-first – the patent pending vented head drip.

Available in white and foiled finishes, the new component offers a seamless colour finish which maintains the stylish appearance of windows and doors – and unlike other solutions, Liniar’s vent replaces the exterior trickle vent, rather than just covering it up.

A recent update to Part F building regulations requires the introduction of further ventilation to new and existing homes where upgrades and building works are being completed, which is being mostly achieved through the introduction of trickle vents. This has however caused issues for the industry, with their appearance being disliked by consumers as well as the availability of trickle vents themselves being a challenge.

Introducing an alternative that complies with current and future building regulations and also ensures a seamless finish, Liniar’s Design and Development Director Chris Armes comments, “As an industry, we spend a lot of time and effort creating products that are going to enhance the look of properties.

Homeowners and installers alike aren’t keen on traditional trickle vents, as they can spoil the appearance of the finished products.” Chris continues, “My team and I felt there had to be a more attractive alternative to the standard exterior trickle vent. We went to work designing a product that complies with the legislation, gives a seamless finish and can be foiled for a perfect match. Using our in-house 3D printer combined with flow analysis software and physical product testing, we developed Liniar’s vented head drip, an innovative way to eliminate the need for exterior trickle vents.”


Liniar’s vented head drip is manufactured in the UK and is fully tested to BS EN 13141-1, with a patent pending. The vented head drip can either be installed across the full length of the compatible windows and doors for enhanced weather performance or alternatively trimmed with end caps.

Chris concludes, “This latest product innovation is testament to Liniar’s commitment in helping our industry ensure compliance without compromise. The vented head drip is a fantastic new addition to our portfolio of components that will help fabricators and fitters solve complaints about the look
of exterior trickle vents.”