This is an article by our Editor Helen Duval

For years installers have recognised that an orangery or conservatory makes a statement and are considered a premium investment that can be enjoyed as a room for relaxation, every day of the year and sell it as such. With solid guarantees these are what inspire investment and lead to referral business.

So are homeowners preferring to wait a little while before selling and upgrading their existing homes for when the time seems better to move? There is certainly a lot of trepidation on the housing market at the moment with the economy in such a state of flux. For builders and installers this has to be an excellent time to remind consumers about the benefits orangeries and conservatories offer.

For installers the these types of system give homeowners many advantages in relation to adding space and improved lifestyle. For many consumers being able to incorporate self-cleaning glass and replace old polycarbonate roofing alternatives is an attractive aspect, particularly when the original investment has proved so disappointing in terms of thermal efficiency and every day use. Light, energy efficient and daily use are the standard demands from today’s end user.

Many advances have occurred in both conservatory and orangery design over recent years with aesthetics as important as glass performance for many investors. Overall appearance is now as important as energy saving costs. Noise reduction when it rains was a continual gripe for many conservatory owners but today thanks to technological developments the conservatory is once again appealing.

Eliminating heating and ventilation issues via specialist glasses and integral blinds has removed the frustration with more even temperatures now achievable with a little investment on retrofit projects.

Many orangery solutions are now available which offer structural advantages over older alternative options – a reassuring fact for installers looking to grow their business.

Many companies now produce fascias using assorted PVCu trims that fit better and last longer to give a better superior appearance to the finished project.

Orangeries, without doubt add a striking appearance to any property and many companies now provide striking options that really help to increase the price of all sized homes. The finished look adds an alluring charm adding a touch of grandeur.

With investment in orangeries continuing to prove popular as a room that can add to the homeowners lifestyle, installers have a solid market to approach in relation to payback. Homeowners have grasped the benefit of adding space without the need to move and those making higher end investments have the guarantees associated with premium products.

For installers this type of installation provides huge advantages, ensuring referral alongside high profit margins.