This is an article by our Editor Helen Duval

Over the years the design and performance of Composite Doors has changed dramatically, with companies keen to reinforce the security and durability of this type of product. With the extreme changes in climate that seem to occur on a very regular basis, there is a real need to guarantee that these doors really are for all seasons.

The market leaders today such as Solidor, Global and Distinction Doors have scrutinised and innovated the market, and all now well established brands that offer top quality products which consumers continue to aspire to buy in renovation projects.

With greater performance, security and design scope homeowners have grasped that they cannot only add value and style to their properties but also peace of mind – all great selling points for installers and builders.

There is a continuing need to provide homeowners with increasing reassurance regarding security and weather tightness with crime statistics on the rise, whilst an aesthetic design that makes a personal and striking aesthetic is also vital to investors.

Energy saving benefits also reflect well in respect of environmental issues. Durability and reliability with accredited industry standards continue to be major selling points.

Composite Doors are virtually maintenance-free, which really appeals to homeowners particularly as they do not warp and will last well over 30 years and are still considered a true investment for homes. Key USPs for installers.

With the ease of personalisation the Composite Door market has gathered momentum as new concepts and a broad choice of colours now available ensure that the homeowner can truly have all they desire. Whilst budget may play its part in the final decision making process, tied together with the security benefits gained places this as a firm favourite with consumers looking to upgrade their style and security when it comes to their personal ‘castles’.

Likewise aluminium has seen a surge with new advanced products being launched regularly onto the construction market. This type of design has become the new go-to for many architects designing ultra modern concepts for today’s contemporary market. Chic and subtle greys or black are the architect’s choice for modern new-build developments that create stylish exterior facades.

Whilst slightly more expensive there is now a good choice of aluminium front doors from companies such as Alpine Aluminium. Performance and security are guaranteed and with hand-finishing provided on all orders, these promise a touch of luxury as well as security at reasonable prices.

Virtuoso has also seen the direction architects are taking with contemporary design and offer a high performance Virtu-AL door which looks and feels like an aluminium door with the thermal and performance characteristics of a composite door. Sitting in an aluminium outer frame, aesthetically these make a striking alternative for modern styled properties.

Looking good is one thing but correct installation combined with certification guarantees is obviously essential for installers looking to increase or incorporate this type of installation work into their business.

This sector has come a long way over the last decade and whilst there are many options on the market, the competitive pricing available today gives many investors greater reassurances.

Giving homeowners peace of mind that family and possessions can be safely protected behind a Composite Door is vital, particularly if referral work is a main part of new business income for installers. The professionalism of the door companies is evident and the desire to provide more than just performance guarantees shows a commitment to taking the industry further forward.