With the industry experiencing a cool down of sorts in recent months, Patio Door Fabricators and Installers must work harder for every sale, looking for ways to make their portfolio stand out.

After attending this year’s Glazing Summit in October, Coastal Group’s Managing Director Loren Jenner had some key takeaways from the day. “With the current market conditions, we must all work harder to win sales – unlike what we have seen in 2021, business is not going to fall into our laps” he states.

Whilst this is the case, the market has seen continued demand for a premium product, especially on patio sliding doors says Coastal Group. “The design and function of patio doors continues to evolve and excel” continues Loren Jenner “we find that our customers are increasingly looking for patio handles that mirror the high-quality upgraded aesthetic of the doors themselves and that sets them apart from their competition”.

Coastal says the KM9 series handle is carefully crafted to bring the ultimate look and performance to patio sliding doors, designed with a robust solid stainless steel feel and smooth operating function for ultimate user experience. “We spent a lot of time perfecting the handle’s design, as the key touchpoint to operate the doors themselves we know how important the role hardware plays is” says Marketing Manager Neil Jones “listening to our customer’s preferences, we’ve since upgraded it to a solid stainless steel backplate to support even the largest, heaviest sliding doors and deliver the premium appeal to end users”.

Hardware Fit For Purpose

Hardware’s importance doesn’t just end at creating a striking visual, performance and longevity must be considered when selecting the right handle for your patio sliding doors, outlines Coastal Group.


This was demonstrated on a recent project where Coastal were contacted to replace a competitor’s handle less than 12 months after it had been fitted on a luxury beachfront holiday home. The standard zinc handle in question was showing signs of significant corrosion. On the other hand, Coastal’s BLU KM9 handle offers a best-in-class lifetime guarantee, manufactured from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

“One of the key USP’s our KM9 handles gives to the seller is it’s exceptional corrosion resistant properties and lifetime guarantee” Neil Jones continues “With an increasing number of sliding door systems being located in and around coastal areas and in premium properties, installers can be confident that wherever in the world their doors are fitted, they will not be let down by our hardware”.

Opportunity To Upsell

Adding premium hardware to their portfolio allows installers and fabricators the chance to increase their margin on patio door offerings, states Coastal Group. Loren Jenner continues “This can be a great opportunity to upsell and improve your profit margins. Our customer’s feedback is that the additional money invested in high-quality hardware is minimal in the cost of the door system but can significantly help with their bottom line”.

Showroom Offer

Try the KM9 patio handle in your showroom, ask about our special showroom offer and see the difference for yourself.



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