Without doubt use of the use of social media in business has exploded in recent years.  Most of us will use it in our daily lives in some form or another.  However, it is how the Fenestration Industry has embraced social networking that is fantastic.

The National Fenestration Awards are now live and the first category open for nomination is Social Networker of the year.

Why is this award important?

There are literally thousands and thousands of people that work in our industry that are engaging on social networking sites in some way or another, with Twitter being the most prolific at the moment.

Many well known names in our industry are actively engaging with other individuals and companies.  There have been situations where Managing Directors of companies have actively communicated with individuals and businesses on social networking sites that they have never met or even visited their premises.   These new relationships cross the perceived boundaries between all levels of business life meaning that everyone is able to join in and offer help and guidance in their area of expertise.

The mainstream media portrays social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, as being the playground for students and rebels.  The Fenestration industry has created a whole new definition of “Social Working”.  Using social media in business means that social interactions across all social networking sites are becoming valuable tools for new leads, new contacts and new sources of business.

The Social Networker of the Year Award is therefore important.

Social Media now plays a vital role in our industry. Register to Vote and nominate your Social Networker of 2013

Social Media now plays a vital role in our industry. Register to Vote and nominate your Social Networker of 2013

If you are active on any social networking sites, it is easy to think of reasons why someone should be nominated.

Their activity online, what they say and the quality of their social engagement.  Think about people that communicate with the industry on a regular basis, whether daily, weekly or otherwise.

Those that make a point to promote their businesses as well as engage on a personal level.  Twitter for example is a free selling tool. Think about people or businesses that have embraced this new method of reaching out to new and existing customers?

Someone who may often offer advice, information and always help others.  Often we see people highlighting problems with products, problems with installations or generally showcasing a new product – are these worth a nomination?

Those that support the industry by retweeting and linking to useful and informative articles and websites. A simple retweet can do wonders for a new twitter user who has signed up but is unsure of what to do next.  Often other users are asked to retweet and support new accounts.  There are many excellent people that support the industry, again are these worth a nomination?

Any special person that has been particularly noteworthy or outstanding.  Similarly, there are individuals and businesses that have strived to be the best, promoted their successes, showcased their products and linked and posted to relevant information and support.  These are all worth a nomination.

We hope the above gives you an insight into why this category is important.  Have a look at the many people you engage with on the social networking sites, nominate them and let us reward the winners!

Please share and feel free to leave comments about your general thoughts about social media in the fenestration industry.  Leave a comment and check back regularly to join in the discussion.