Why Do You Use Social Media?

There’s no doubt, social media has taken over the world!

Well, almost! But almost everyone who does have internet access is on some form of social media platform. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other.

Social media has allowed people to make contact with others from down the street to the other side of the world and anywhere in between. It has certainly made the world a lot smaller!

Social media has also been a very useful tool for businesses. It’s made contacting clients and potential new customers much easier, lots quicker and response times have come crashing down. It’s been great.

But one question the NFA’s would like to know is why you use social media yourself?

Do you use it for business? For pleasure? Do you use it as your news channel rather than the TV now? If you’re a business do you use it to contact potential new customers? Do you use it as a form of contact for customer service? Do you use it to show off your work? I could go on but you get the picture!

What we want to know is what type of social media platform you use, how you use and how often. These awards are heavily based on social media, so it will be great to know how you use it!

PS: while you’re here, why not register to vote and make sure you have your say on who should win these fantastic new awards!

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