Onsite 7 is the simple but incredibly powerful cloud-based system that is fast gaining a reputation for being the easiest and most comprehensive job management system on the market.

But as Rhys Hoddinott, CEO at Onsite 7 says, there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye. “Onsite 7 is job management software that was built for installing companies by industry experts who had worked directly in the trade so new first-hand the problems faced by installation teams. We also thought very carefully about the value-added features that would be developed meaning it would deliver even more.”

Onsite 7 adds value at every stage of a job – sales, survey, installation, and service and maintenance. The software can also be used as a Customer Relationship Management system, allowing all customer information, documents, notes and job information to be stored in a single place.

It’s easy to use right from the very first time you login. For example, it has helpful features such as dynamic job and customer numbering ranges, so the system always retains the correct number order, even if you add or delete a job or a customer. You can set user permission controls so certain personnel can access relevant sections of the system. This helps to simplify the system for users even further, as well as helping you protect valuable or confidential information.

It can also be tailored to meet precise requirements. Rhys comments: “We built Onsite 7 to reflect a typical process for installers. But we know that lots of businesses have unique setups and projects. Onsite 7 can cope with those too. For example, installers can add additional job stages to reflect new requirements or complexities.”

The information contained in Onsite 7 helps installers get valuable insight into their business. There is end-to-end supply chain accountability to help installers keep track of their orders. There are reports, including job costing and profit reports. There is integration with Xero and QuickBooks accountancy packages to help speed up financial admin processes.

Onsite 7 costs £20 + VAT per month per licence. The value it delivers for all areas of an installer’s business means it provides exceptional return on investment as the company’s growing customer base would concur.

For a free demonstration on how the Onsite 7 job management software can add value to your business visit and start saving you money visit www.onsite7.co.uk for details.