We would like to welcome you to the Brand New, National Fenestration Awards.

This brand new website is the home of the UK Fenestration Industry’s new awards scheme unlike any other, The National Fenestration Awards 2013.

The National Fenestration Awards are the first truly open platform awards for the UK Door, Window, Hardware and general Fenestration Industry covering as many areas of our diverse industry as possible.

Unlike other industry awards, these will be voted for from the shop floors to boardrooms.

The open nature of these new awards means everyone in the industry has a say. Whether you’re on the shop floor as an all-important fabricator, whether you’re an installer, admin staff or a business owner, Manager or Director, you all have a say and a part to play in these awards.

We want all businesses in every sector of our industry, large or small to take part in some way and to make this a celebration of our best and brightest in our industry. There are no secret judging panels – the awards are open, transparent and open to everyone and we encourage everyone to register and vote.

So how will the National Fenestration Awards work?

Over the coming weeks we will be opening the voting to each Award Category. The Category Listing will be made live showing when each category of award will be made opened so you know when to come back and place your votes.

To be eligible to vote, you will need to register. Please visit our Register to vote page and just enter a few details to take part. The How to Vote page has more information about the process.

Can I Nominate or Vote for my Company?

Yes. However, should you make the short list of Nominations, you will then have to rely on the industry to crown you! We will give you details of how you can promote yourself or your business to the rest of the industry very soon.

As each category is announced, your votes will be going towards the ‘nominations’ process which will help shape the shortlists which will be announced later on this year. We are allowing plenty of time for everyone to take part as well.

Our Industry is busy and we are all busy people. We will send you weekly updates when you have registered to vote. We will keep you up to date with our latest news, when each Awards Category goes live, the latest news and views from the industry as well as other updates about the National Fenestration Awards as they continue to grow throughout the year.

The National Fenestration Awards will also boost the online presence of our industry. Twitter for example is one area where there is a diverse and growing community of many thousands of people following, followed and engaging with each other in our industry. Twitter has seen new business get secured, answers to problems solved, new partnership and supply agreements reached.

We have a growing, diverse, active and engaging community on Twitter and is very quickly becoming the best way to network. The National Fenestration Awards are launching Project Social. Project Social wants to grow further the fenestration community online and introduce others to the many advantages this brings to business. Visit our Project Social Page for more information and encourage your staff and colleagues to join the ever growing conversation!

Throughout this year, this website will grow substantially with the purpose of being one of the main websites for our industry. We are making available advertising and sponsorship space and already the support and commitment to these awards from some well known industry names has been fantastic.

There will be space available for sponsorship if you want you or your company to be associated with these brand new awards. Please use our contact form for further information.

Follow @NatFenAwards on Twitter and don’t forget to use the hashtag #NFA2013 when you’re talking about the awards.

Early indications from the industry show the National Fenestration Awards are going to be huge and we look forward to engaging with you all and hope you will get involved.