When next you visit Masterframe’s new website you will now be welcomed to the wonderful world of colour with a dedicated colour section incorporating a unique colour configurator in a bespoke design.  

This exciting development aims to introduce customers to some of the most popular colour choices which they can apply to sash windows in-situ and change as their mood or preference dictates.  Sarah Beeny, property expert recently chose Masterframe sash windows for her own home as showcased on Channel 4 and her choice of colour is referenced on the configurator along with an all inspiring Union Jack option.

Carol Slade, Managing Director for Masterframe Windows Ltd says “Coloured interiors and exteriors are trending and we have seen more adventurous choices and some colours emerging as the new classics.  White for sash windows is still very popular though the spectrum of whites on offer is ever increasing.  We happily colour match to all leading brand paint supplier palettes to suit the customer’s choice in décor.  We can also spray the exterior and interior in contrasting or complementary shades and ensure that only one colour is visible from either side when the window is closed. 

Considering that new, quality sash windows are a considerable investment that should give customers years of low maintenance pleasure and smooth service, we want to ensure that we provide a user friendly tool on our website where it is possible to get a really good idea of how the colour selected will look on sash windows.”

Carol continues “As manufacturers, it is important to us that aside from all the choices available in colour that the quality of our paintwork is first class.  Our own in-house paint plant, located in our factory in Essex is manned by highly skilled craftsmen who spray the windows to their own exacting standards.  The windows are then subjected to further quality controls before they are lovingly packed and despatched to our customers.

 It is also worth mentioning that the quality of our paint finish ensures enhanced durability, allowing us to offer our generous guarantees with confidence.   In marine and coastal environments, salt corrosion must always be considered.  However,  we apply a durable clear lacquer on all paint finishes regardless of where they are to be located, protecting  the paint from UV and pollutants and to reduce the risk of the appearance of any visible signs of ageing 

We have also chosen to use a paint mix which is more than a surface covering and with correct application, the paint bonds to the surface molecules of the PVC-U or GRP, rather than just sticking to the surface, allowing for long term adhesion.   There is also an additional benefit because the two part lacquer is mixed with a greater percentage of hardener than the paint itself further enhancing its durability.”

The colour configurator can be viewed here https://bit.ly/3jDdwYO  and more information on the Sarah Beeny installation is available here https://bit.ly/2Z3Eqj4.  For information on all Masterframe products which are proudly made in Britain, please visit our website www.masterframe.co.uk.